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BMW I8 Sport

Starting At:


  • 100 miles per day included.

  • $5 per additional mile.

  • Security deposit required.

  • The BMW I8 Sport is for enlightened thrill-seekers. Drivers who still want the whole experience to be entertaining and involving, yet understand the negative messages various performance cars emit and would like to keep all adverse emissions as low as possible. The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid, but not the usual kind with a line of slow-moving traffic stuck behind it. Unconventional in the way it’s built and the materials deployed, the i8 is the only exotic car with a 3-cylinder engine, sipping gasoline instead of gulping it down.


4 Passengers


69 MPGE / 27 MPG (Combined City/Highway)

155 mph


(1.5L V3)

BMW I8 Sport Images

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